Usually by chance, an old race car will be discovered whether in an old barn, field or other parcel far from the public eye. If you should happen to find one (or more!) old racers in deep repose, grab your camera! I'll start the newest page with my recent discovery: Dale Iversen's legendary 141 Ford.

Dale Iversen's 141 Ford

A chance meeting with Chris Venard in Murdo revealed the as yet final resting place of one of the region's most fearsome Fomoco's to ever sling dirt. On September 15, 2010, I had the rare opportunity to photograph this legendary monument of speed in steel as it has rested since retiring some thirty years earlier.

Jim Funell's 1967 Beck Sprint Car Part I

Rapid City's Jim Funell is putting together the car he re-built for Don Papousek back in the Limited Sprint days at BHS 1983-1984. Part I shows the progression to date, January 16, 2011. More will added in the ensuing months.

Jim Funell's Model A Framed Modified Part 1

Jim and company found this machine close to Rapid City, even though it's last race is thought to have been run at the Miller Speedway some 25 years ago. This baby blue #93 is guarenteed to be turning some heads upon it's return to race condition later this year.

 Jim Funell's 1967 Beck Part 2

As of 2-13-11, Jim has got the machine back on its wheels, ready for some new body panels and paint. Their hope is to have the car in show-shape for the Feb 24-26 Counts Car Club event at the Civic Center.

 Jim Funnel's 1967, er, make that 1968 Beck Part 3

Jim and company got the vintage beast ready for the February 25th weekend car show at the Civic Center. A few details are left, but what a difference a few weeks have made! Great job, guys.

 Jim Funell's At it Again! This time, it's a 1955 Chevy! Jim, with greatful assistance of Kurt Jensen, is bringing a former Merriman, NE, ashphalt racer back from the jaws of the crusher. Jim plans to caress the vintage steel in a hue of gold he painted his first BHS racer in 1976. Stay tuned for updates as the project continues.
 Justin Williams trekked home to Miller a couple of years back, finding Mike Mareska's 1998 Super Stock pretty much where Mike parked some 12 plus years ago now. I made a page for this discovery HERE.

 The final installment of the Jim Funell 1968 Beck! Mike Sires was gracious enough to loan his modern sprinter for a study in contrasts between the generations. Just click here to see what I mean!

 Les Frohling's early 1970's Modified has been found-and rescued! Now in the restoration capable hands of Ron Anderson, this vintage beauty will some day be back on the track! These photos are from my Watertown visit August 20.
Welcome to the Murner Garage! Jerred has come across some interesting artifacts from the good old days, of which some can be enjoyed here! The trophies are from the Sam Liebig and Jim Olson collections, of which there are tons more. A cool perspective of where we have come from and the changes the years have subtly or not so subtly have wrought. There will be more from this ordinary looking work space in the valley in the coming months....
Another helping of goodies from the Murner Garage can be accessed here!

Progress is moving along swiftly at the Murner Garage. The Nance has been painted, body panels mounted--well, heck, just click here to see for yourself!

To start off the new year, the Murner Garage has made magnificent progress on the Nance rebuild--click here to see it all shiney and on all fours.
On my latest eastward trek, I happened upon an old Super Modified sitting quietly in a field by Miller, SD. I believe this is the car I photographed at the Miller track in 1985, a light blue creation numbered 83. Some traces of that number are on one of the door panels. Not sure what the future holds for this relic; even though it appears humble in its retirement, I'd bet there's more than a few more laps left in 'er.
 Last update: July 12, 2012