BHS...Through the lens of Don Boit
Volume 1

In the late 1980's, a lanky youngster with a camera and a no fear attitude asked to become part of the Hughes Brothers Photo team. After reviewing a few samples, I was under the impression that we should be asking to be part of the Don Boit Photo team!

Don retired the camera some years ago, opting to do the things normal folks do-get married, raise a family, have a mortgage. However, he hasn't lost interest in anything motorsports (there's hope for the lad yet!) and has agreed to allow some of his finest work to be presented here for public viewing.

No doubt about it; the kid was good. And no matter how much I tried, he didn't want to re-establish his connection to the thrilling, ever excitement filled world of being a motorsports photographer. Guess he would rather feed the kids, pay the mortgage...

Volume 2
Last update: November 16, 2008