As a follower of anything vintage car related, the next logical step would be to own such a vehicle, at least in my humble estimation. After prodding Duane Manning for years, he surprised the heck out of me and donated his once raced 1955 Chevy! Before my brain could grapple with the realities of ownership (ie, where to store, work on it or get the missing pieces), my mouth had already secured the deal.

Not only is there a classic Chevy in the works, as the first set of photos will reveal, but a well raced '56 Ford also. More on that one once it graces my humble garage.

I have my work cut out for me; thankfully, my limited abilities of restoration are greatly offset by the talents of Jeremy Farr.

The plan for the Chevy is largely in the "not sure" category. In the often confused recesses of my mind I plan to bring it to life as if I were caught in a time warp, the year being 1970 at the date of my "mid life crisis". This will be my testimony to those brave individuals that joined the booming ranks of Black Hills Speedway's "C Stock" ranks I loved so well as a young 'un.

December 12-

The afore mentioned '56 Ford project as it existed upon retreival, had many issues I am not adept to handle. The solution: locate another like bodied entity in its basic stock existance and meld the two into one. A purchase has been made, and the results of said buy currently reside on the trailer in my garage. That is where I am at on that project: scratching my head, wondering what the heck I have gotten myself into. Whatevever the outcome, I know one thing:

It's going to be danged cool!

The Chevy is nearing completion, as the photos in Series II reveal.

1955 Chevy Series I
1955 Chevy Series II
1956 Ford Series I
1956 Ford Series II (It's starting to look like a race car..sort of)
Updated 12-18-11